Where are adidas shoes made

Given its immense popularity and premium craftsmanship, Adidas is the 2nd top shoe brand globally. This shoe brand has been around since 1924 and is now globally recognized as the best shoe brand for sportswear. The brand is endorsed every year by very famous sportsmen and different celebrities. 

And why would it not be? From quality to design, Adidas tops the list every time. But here, very intriguing questions arise, “Where are Adidas Shoes Made?” What is the history of this well-known brand? Or Where are Adidas Shoes Manufactured? 

These are some general questions asked by the fans of this brand, and they often need help finding authentic answers about where is Adidas manufactured. So to resolve these queries, I will answer every question thoroughly in this blog to provide you with all knowledge about this world-famous brand. 

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Adidas sneakers are manufactured in a variety of nations throughout the world. The company manufactures on three continents: Asia, Europe, and South America. Adidas sneakers are primarily manufactured in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and China. These nations are well-known for their low-cost manufacturing methods and vast labour forces, making them excellent sites for Adidas-manufactured items.

1. Thailand 

In Thailand, Adidas has a production facility in the city of Chonburi, which is a hub for producing sportswear products. Thailand is known for its advanced manufacturing infrastructure and skilled workforce, making it an ideal location for producing Adidas shoes.

2. Vietnam

Adidas has a substantial presence in Vietnam and has sourced items nationwide for several decades. The company has over 100 plants in Vietnam, making it one of the country’s top sportswear producers. Adidas has collaborated with its Vietnamese suppliers to enhance working conditions, environmental sustainability, and product quality.

3. Cambodia 

Cambodia is another important manufacturing nation for Adidas, with many suppliers and manufacturers. Adidas finds the country’s favourable labour regulations, cheap salaries, and a big pool of skilled people to be an appealing site for product sourcing. Adidas has been collaborating with its Cambodian suppliers to promote worker rights and guarantee that its items are produced sustainably and responsibly.

4. China 

Adidas has manufacturing plants in Suzhou, Dongguan, and Guangzhou in China. China is recognized for its vast labor population and excellent manufacturing infrastructure, which makes it a hub for Adidas shoe production. With around 100+ Adidas factories widespread in China, it is a perfect place for mass production thanks to its large workforce and low labor rates.  

5. India

Adidas has been manufacturing shoes in India for over two decades. The country produces around 8% of the brand’s shoes, with factories in cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. India is known for its hard-working labor force, making it an excellent production country. Like all other Asian countries, India has affordable labor costs, which is a plus point for the multinational company Adidas. 

5. Other Countries

While Adidas has more than 300 factories operating in Asia, there are also 90 production houses in America, 56 in Europe, and 10 in Africa. Now, this is according to the official list released by the company, but we all are aware of the fact that these big giants keep their actual figures hidden. So, a total of 500+ factories are considered under Adidas, mass-producing shoes of different designs and styles to meet the market’s demand.


Asia-The Biggest Manufacturing Hub

And if you are wondering why Asia is the biggest manufacturing hub of Adidas, whereas the actual company originated in Germany. The answer is simple. Asia has a large and skilled workforce for producing quality products at minimal labor costs. And many big giants form contracts with different production houses throughout Asia to maximize the production of their products while saving a good amount of money to increase their profits and expansions. 

Where is Adidas Manufactured?

Adidas is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. The company was founded in 1924 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler, who started the company under the name Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Adidas combines Dassler’s nickname, Adi, and the first three letters of his surname. 

As we say, all great things start from zero. Just like that, Dassler Brothers started the production of these sports shoes in the laundry room of their house in a town called Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company started gaining popularity in 1936 and got a breakthrough after World War ll. Adidas gained popularity in 1986 for producing high-quality shoes for athletes and quickly gained a global reputation for excellence in sports.

Final Say 

The German company’s global production network allows it to create high-quality items at a lesser cost while catering to other regions’ individual demands and tastes. Adidas is committed to delivering excellent products like running shoes and overweight shoes while assisting the global economy by outsourcing production to nations with cheaper labor costs or developing relationships with local manufacturers. Adidas has been positioned as a leader in the sportswear sector for many years thanks to its continuing focus on innovation, sustainability, and ethical business practices.

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